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Royal Brunei Airlines partners with Air Logistics Sdn Bhd

On Friday 3rd of May 2013 Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has signed a worldwide cargo partnership agreement with Air Logistics Sdn Bhd (ALSB), a joint venture company between BIACC Sdn Bhd, one of its subsidiary companies and Air Logistics Networks Limited, a UK based company and a subsidiary of Air Logistics Group, the world’s leading cargo General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) Air Logistics Group.

This partnership will be in full force in three months time and will activate Air Logistics Group global network of 71 offices for the worldwide sales and marketing of RB cargo capacity. Under the Agreement, ALSB will also manage cargo handling activities at all destinations on the RB network.

RB’s global cargo presence and distribution capability will be enhanced significantly with this partnership, positioning Brunei Darussalam as a growing transshipment and distribution center of excellence for Air Cargo transportation in South East Asia.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman of RB, Stephen Dawkins, Director of ALSB and Mr. Ariffin Haji Emran, Director of Air Logistics Sdn Bhd and Managing Director of BIACC with Mr. Karam Chand, Chief Commercial and Planning Officer of RB.

Mr. Karam Chand states, “RB is proud to be in partnership with ALSB which is another significant step in building Brunei as an important center of regional and international cargo activity.”

This joint venture corporation, between Air Logistics Group and BIACC of Brunei, to represent RB is a ground breaking International Cargo Management agreement; comments Stephen Dawkins Chief Operating Officer of Air Logistics Group.

‘RB clearly understands the value of its cargo business and it appreciates how two strong partners linked under ALSB, a cargo outsource specialist, can create a comprehensive, transparent network adding substantial revenue and immediately decreasing costs whilst RB maintains its reputable identity on the world cargo stage’

This partnership marks a landmark co-operation in the worldwide cargo business. RB will benefit from the most comprehensive GSSA worldwide network available in the cargo industry today. In addition to using the first class handling facilities at Brunei International Airport, there is plenty of scope to leverage significant growth in cargo activity from RB’s network of 14 destinations and current projected annual throughput of 30,500 tons.

Mr Ariffin Haji Emran adds,” BIACC has been handling RB’s cargo hub at Brunei International Airport for the past 12 years and throughout the years it has gained valuable experience in handling the national carrier requirements and understands the needs to ensure efficient and fast handling of all types of cargo particularly transit/transshipment cargo. BIACC’s participation in this strategic project, will add value to the business to provide a seamless efficient air cargo network, which will be supported by its experience, skilled and well trained manpower, and latest state-of-the art ground handling management system. BIACC is confident that the synergy created by this collaboration will create a strong platform to achieve the desired objectives and goals set for this important project.

ALSB will also benefit from the reliability of RB services and the excellent shipment facilities provided by BIACC at Brunei International Airport.”